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A lot can change in just three months. Our 13-week UMS engagement offers businesses a proven methodology for developing focused and realistic objectives, aligning with the marketplace, financial modeling for ROI, creating winning messages, and developing a tactical plan designed to meet and measure against the objectives we started with. 

Your team will leave this engagement with an actionable, marketing plan and fresh insights on how you can work through your audience to drive results and the ability to get (and keep!) your marketing, sales, and executive teams on the same page.

Includes 18 hours of live collaborative consulting to be delivered virtually or live (travel billed extra) over a total of 8 sessions.  We will also make team members available via phone or email between sessions to answer questions, give advice, and provide guidance on completing homework assignments.

Includes up to six marketplace interviews to be conducted within the first six weeks of the engagement. Candidates would include customers, referral partners, and prospective clients your firm was unsuccessful selling to. A summary of our research findings, conclusions, and recommendations, including key quotes and full transcripts for all interviews.

At the end of this engagement we will leave your organization with an actionable marketing strategy including objectives, personas, budget, messages, and tactics. We will also offer guidance on deploying that strategy, measuring its success, and refining it over time as plans and ideas are transformed into real-world results. 


asked and ANSWERED
to build a winning plan


  1. What is marketing here to accomplish and how will it align your business with the marketplace?
  2. How will your objectives be fulfilled and what needs to change?
  3. How will this effort be managed?


  1. Who are your potential customers and what are their most pressing problems?
  2. How can your business best solve problems for the people who matter most?
  3. How much are new sales worth, and how much does it cost to attract them?
  4. How can you influence customer value and properly fund success?


  1. How can marketing best address your buyer(s)?
  2. How should marketing organize and prioritize to accomplish key results?
  3. What are buyers’ experiences like and how can marketing improve those experiences?


  1. What do buyers want to see and hear in order to make a decision?
  2. What tools and tactics are required to guide prospects to a purchase?
  3. How should marketing assess and improve performance?

The UMS method has transformed our business. The discipline it gave us helped us survive through tough times and then thrive with years of double-digit growth. This process works and we are evidence of it.

David DeCamillis
VP Sales & Marketing, Platte River Networks

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