Stop buying tools, start building systems

There’s no Shiny Object that can replace insight into your operations

People are obsessed with Shiny Objects. Heck, they’re practically the foundation of the entire $30 billion fitness industry.

Stomach isn’t flat enough? Crush some Cimmerian medicine planks!

10k time not decreasing? Rock these compound rubber toe flats!

Need a boost of energy? Chomp our new karnakillamite infused gummies!

 We all want to believe we’re sooooo close to our goals, and the Shiny Object is the missing piece to the puzzle, the key that will finally bring everything into focus.

Come to think of it, there’s another industry that seems addicted to Shiny Objects recently.


New doesn’t always equal improved.

Unfortunately, no one can find and implement solutions until they truly understand their problems. The signed SEO contract, the new automation software, the revamped TikTok channel… Any of them might work, but none of them should even be considered until you’ve shined a flashlight into the dark, dusty corners of your organization, processing what’s really happening in sales and marketing, and naming the roadblocks that exist. 

For instance, “We don’t have a social media presence” is not a roadblock, necessarily. But what might be?

  • Our audience doesn’t understand our value proposition
  • We’re losing too many prospects at the shopping stage
  • Our marketing spend isn’t aligned with the results we want
  • Our results are up, but our costs are up even more

These are problems that are fundamental to success. And they won’t simply go away with time, like a skinned knee or a sunburn. They can only be solved systematically, by creating and feeding a process that identifies and addresses problems as part of its day-to-day operating plan.

Approaching marketing systematically brings long-term, repeatable, scalable success. It creates an environment in which Shiny Objects can be considered and accepted or rejected based on their role in the ecosystem, as opposed to their potential for short-term success.

Let’s stop pinning our hopes – and our budgets! – on quick fixes. And instead, let’s turn our attention to building and feeding systems that allow us to create permanent solutions. 

A question that will get you asking questions.

Our Unified Marketing System is based on 13 sequential, critical questions marketing must answer before it can implement a successful plan. But just to get the ball rolling, try this:

Call key members of your team together and brainstorm answers to Question #1, “How does marketing align our business with the consumer?”

The exercise will probably uncover the need for more hard work and fewer Shiny Objects. But you’ll find the long-term results are worth the effort.

Just like any good fitness program.

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The UMS method has transformed our business. The discipline it gave us helped us survive through tough times and then thrive with years of double-digit growth. This process works and we are evidence of it.

David DeCamillis
VP Sales & Marketing, Platte River Networks