3 months, 13 steps, a NEW PATH TO SUCCESS in marketing & sales.

The solution to consistent revenue growth is a simple discipline any company can adopt.


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In many organizations, marketing is a “black box” we fill with time, money, and resources, never really understanding what we, as business leaders, should expect from the box in return. 

Our UMS program not only shows you what’s inside the black box, it also reduces the risks inherent with marketing planning. Our intensive 3-month program provides a clearer path for companies to reconnect with their marketplace and craft the budget, message, and tactics needed to move forward with confidence. In one quarter, we collaboratively answer the 13 Questions posed by the Unified Marketing System.

The UMS method has transformed our business. The discipline it gave us helped us survive through tough times and then thrive with years of double-digit growth. This process works and we are evidence of it.

David DeCamillis
VP Sales & Marketing, Platte River Networks

marketing DIAGNOSTIC

Where in marketing and sales does your organization truly excel and what areas need your attention the most? Take our 5-minute diagnostic and find out.

ROI calculator

How do marketing and sales investments contribute to your bottom line? Our ROI calculator shows you how to link your budget to profitable outcomes.

UMS guidebook

The official guide to the Unified Marketing System™ walks you step-by-step through the entire process from strategy to implementation and tactics.

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