why a UNIFIED MARKETING SYSTEM is necessary for businesses today

Our agency, estound, was born in 2006 from a desire to deliver first rate marketing results to small and midmarket businesses. Many of our clients were SUCESSFUL but some were not and so we tried to understand why.

Obviously, some of the issues with our unsuccessful clients were due to errors or misjudgements on our part— no agency has a perfect track record. But the truly striking revelation was that in many cases clients failed because of decisions made before our agency (or any others) were hired in the first place:

  • They had decided to sell a product or service that was uninteresting or unwanted or misunderstood by the market, or,
  • They failed to understand why products/services like theirs were important to their customers, or,
  • They set goals without knowing if (or how) those goals would be achievable, or,
  • They set budgets without a model for funding the growth they were aiming for, or,
  • They invested in marketing/advertising media or tactics without understanding whether those tactics were capable of returning the results they wanted, or,
  • They put too much faith in “silver bullet” solutions that would magically solve all their problems (but never did), or,
  • Some combination of these missteps or similarly damaging pitfalls.

So we asked ourselves how we could help businesses avoid these types of mistakes, how can we make it “safer” for businesses to invest properly in marketing and realize the returns they were hoping for? 

The answer we came up with was the Unified Marketing System™, or UMS for short. UMS provides the framework for building a marketing operation that protects itself from the types of “boardroom” mistakes we listed above and creates marketing work that comes with a higher likelihood of success on day one. 

If you’ve been throwing good money after bad with marketing and are tired of wasting time and effort on useless tactics that never deliver, UMS can open your eyes to a new world of possibilities. You can start with the book (available on Amazon) or with a meeting with our team— either way we are here to help you break the cycle of unproductive marketing for good.


Erik Wolf

CEO, estound



estound has been delivering marketing breakthroughs to growth-minded business leaders for more than 15 years. Based in the beautiful Colorado front range, estound is a regional and national award-winning marketing agency serving primarily mid-market clients. For more information about our work and our team, visit our main website at estound.com

The UMS method has transformed our business. The discipline it gave us helped us survive through tough times and then thrive with years of double-digit growth. This process works and we are evidence of it.

David DeCamillis
VP Sales & Marketing, Platte River Networks

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